New Way Real Estate Agents Convert 65%

Open House Guests To Clients.

Replace paper sign-up sheet with modern NFC technology & conversational AI that will assist you to engage, collect contact information & qualify guests to create Buyer & Sellers opportunities.

Essential Real Estate Agent Indoor Open House Placement Signage Used by

How It works

NFC Display Signs to Increase Guests Engagement

An average Agent Misses 65% Opportunities on a Hectic Open House

PhoneTapify Open House Kit is like hiring a Full-Time Open House Assistant, trained To Convert Buyers & Seller Leads

Why PhoneTapify Open House Kit is a Must for Agents

  • Most Open House are Hosted by One Agent

  • Missed Opportunity Taking Away By An Engaged Visitor

  • Emergency Like Bathroom Breaks or Confidential Calls

Never Miss An Opportunity At An Open House

Four Opportunity Placement Display Signs

Interaction Cards

Quickest way to exchange information when you are interacting with guests

Table Stands

Perfect tables, counter top placement. Allow guests to initiate communication without any form of pressure

Door Hangers

Front side

Welcome guests in without having to interrupt your active tour


Need to take a break for an emergency, show "I will be right back sign"

Bold X-Banners

Start with a bold welcome whiles guests enter the home. The best conversional starter

Professional Digital Profile

No App Download Required

Impress Guests With A Customizable Branded Digital Profile.

Slick Design Optimize for Conversion

  • Allow guests to make an offer

  • Allow guests to call or Email agent

  • Collect guests feedback

  • Allow guests to Enter Giveaways

  • Have guests save agent contact details to their phone through a Vcard

  • Answer question & Qualify guest with a conversational AI assistant

  • Guest Can take it with

Let Conversational AI Do the Heavy Lifting

Get Qualified Buyers or sellers Who Don't Have Agent Representation

Collect Contact Details

AI uses natural conversional language to collect name, phone, & email of guest without the use of traditional forms.

Qualification & Appointment Booking

AI Object is set to answer questions on the listing and qualify the guest if they are a buyer or seller and have agent representation or not. Add your calendar and availability for the AI to book.

AI Listing Training on the Fly

Easily trained your AI on your listing details and Start converting visitors. Duplicate yourself with conversational AI trained on your listing

Automate Lead Follow up

Access All Leads Or Send Leads to Own Your CRM

15+/MonthlyAverage Buyer Conversion

4+/MonthlyAverage Sellers Conversion

65% GCIAverage Increase

Why PhoneTapify Open House Signage is an

Essential Digital Tool

Exploring new ways to connect with clients on a deeper level. Your customer engagement techniques need significant improvement. Focus on building stronger relationships with clients through personalized interactions and timely follow-ups.

Get Efficient or Get Replaced

PhoneTapify Open House Signage is easy to setup and take down.

Improve customer Engagement

Close 10+ leads with only $89

How Real Estate Agents Are Adopting the use of AI

What our Customer are Saying

Our Clients are rapidly growing the GCI

This was truly is a game changer for one of my busiest Open House got 3 new buyer clients and 1 Seller that day!

Cody Fisher

Simply an amazing way to strike a conversion with guests when they walk in.

Kristin Watson

If you want to be on top of your game with technology this is a must have.

Albert Flores

Year to Date Buyers & Seller Cost Per Acquisition Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is NFC, and how does it benefit my real estate business?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows for contactless communication between devices, such as smartphones and NFC-enabled objects like our display signage. With NFC, you can easily share property information, capture leads, and enhance customer engagement during property viewings, making the process more efficient and interactive.

How does the conversational AI in the digital business card work, and how can it help me capture leads? 

Our conversational AI acts as a virtual assistant embedded in your digital business card. It engages potential leads in personalized conversations, answering their queries, providing property information, and capturing their contact details for follow-up. This proactive approach increases lead generation and fosters stronger connections with potential clients.

Can I customize the branding on the display signage and digital business card to match my real estate agency's brand?

We currently only offer Branding on the X-Banners signage for a customization fee, allowing you to showcase your agency's branding on both the display signage and digital business card. Table stands, door hangers and cards will be available soon.

Do you provide any analytics or insights into the performance of my NFC-enabled signage and digital business card?

Absolutely! Our service includes basic analytics in all plans, providing insights into metrics such as the number of interactions, leads captured, and NFC Taps.

Is technical support available if I encounter any issues or need assistance with setting up the service?

Yes, we provide comprehensive technical support to all our subscribers. Our Basic plan includes email support during business hours, while our Premium plan offers priority support and access to a dedicated account manager who will assist you with any technical queries or customization requests.

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